About Amy
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About Amy

WHO AM I?   I learned at an early age to re-train my brain to learn in a way that was effective for me. This has resulted in a career and life path touching upon different disciplines: art, branding, design, writing, business, science, dance and body knowledge. When you begin your life as a dyslexic person you quickly learn that you don’t quite register the world around you like everyone else does. Instead you need to adapt, adjust and achieve in creative and vastly divergent ways from the norm.

INNOVATION requires the ability to leap over old ways of thinking and to learn quickly how to navigate new worlds. After receiving my BFA from The School of the Art Institiute of Chicago and an MFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art, I spent my early professional years navigating the intersection of contemporary art and the tech start up scene the while living in San Francisco. The internet wave of the late 1990s lead me to developing branding, packaging and web design for everything from software companies to non-profits. Yet all the while I kept one foot firmly planted in the world of contemporary art, creating it, exhibiting and writing for journals and magazines.

CREATIVITY is the seed of my entrepreneurship. I founded Blixa 6 Studios and since 2003, it’s bloomed into an award-winning design boutique providing brand development, creative direction and identity design for independent entrepreneurs, diverse businesses, scientific institutions and non-profit organizations. I’ve also taught at various art & design colleges and speak on various topics from identity creation to digital business models.

CURIOSITY provides me the fuel to learn and grow. Moving to Berlin in 2000 gave me an opportunity to live in another culture and challenge myself in the role of Creative Director for the boutique think tank Arthesia. In this position I became skilled in developing brand concepts and storytelling toolkits while working closely with clients including Deutsche Bank, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Swiss Re.

COMMUNITY is vital to me. How we communicate and connect to each other are essential tools for life. I spend a considerable about of my time and skills supporting non-profit arts and cultural programs. Most notably, since 2004, I’ve been contributing design, strategy, ambassadorship and curatorial work for the Berlin-based dance performance series LUCKY TRIMMER e.V.