Identity Architecture
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Identity Architecture


Identity Architecture provides a conceptual blueprint of your enterprise’s identity, integrating values, visions, stories, themes, archetypes, emotional drivers and visual resources in a flexible framework that provides guideposts for building an authentic identity, brand and communication platform over time.

Identity Architecture clarifies look & feel, voice & tone and other design elements so the  branding is developed with clear and related concepts, not arbitrary style preferences.


Identity Architecture informs tough decisions and steps by acting as a map of your inner territory, offering insightful clues and guideposts during dark times.

Identity Architecture empowers you to actively work from your unique values, purpose, vision and core themes.


Identity Architecture operates at a level that people can feel – although they may not be able to explain why.

Identity Architecture attracts the right people and opportunities while repelling the “bad fits”.

Identity Architecture sets up powerful intentions for creation and manifestation.

Who’s it for?


Identity Architecture is ideal for businesses, teams and organizations that wish to build their brand from a core of authentitity, making decisions and taking actions based on values, not image – guided by what’s intrinsically right, not necessarily what’s fast or easy.



You could be a creative professional wanting to engage people with your story and attract the right customers…

Or a team wanting to find ways to communicate about your project in a compelling way…

Or a business wanting to differentiate yourself in a crowded market…

Or a cultural organization wishing to develop a consistent voice and key talking points…


Identity Architecture is a powerful tool for people wanting to create their lives from a place of clarity around their purpose, values and vision. Working together to define the pillars and threads that create your personal blueprint, we can then concentrate on how to achieve your aims, whether through consulting, creative direction or storytelling.



You could be a longtime solopreneur wanting to better express your story or mission…

Or a consultant wanting to brand your business…

Or a professional wanting to re-position yourself for a career move…

Or, or, or…

Let’s get started


I offer half, full-day and two-day workshops for individuals and groups to unpack the themes that define their identity architecture.

Custom workshops are designed to suit the specific needs and aims of the client, following a system of tools and processes I’ve developed in my business over the last 15+ years.

DIY group workshops and weekend intensive courses for up to 18 participants are occasionally offered in Berlin and can be booked for schools, conferences, festivals and special events.


We can work together on an ongoing basis, bringing the knowledge and insights from our workshop to the project, challenge or aim you have before you.

I offer creative direction and oversight for branding projects including graphic design, copywriting and visual communications. Working with your team I help keep the focus trained on the core qualities, archetypes and visual drivers identified in your Identity Architecture – ensuring coherence, consistency and connection to your brand values and themes.

Clients Include