Brand Catalyst Boot Camp
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Brand Catalyst Boot Camp



A two-day intensive course
built for creative professionals
& solo-preneurs who crave
brand clarity.  







In this 2-day intensive boot camp you will craft an authentic brand story & communication strategy that uniquely positions you to attract your ideal clients & make a difference in the world while earning the money you deserve. Led by award winning designer Amy Stafford, founder of Blixa 6 Studios, you’ll be guided through a powerful process developed over 18 years inthe biz, with info-rich presentations and thought provoking exercises. In 2 highly productive days you will:

  • Discover the 5 secrets of successful brands that every small GetBrandClarityFast_Button_Redbusiness should know.
  • Formulate your brand’s own “secret sauce”.
  • Craft a “WOW Statement” that showcases your unique brand qualities.
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients without selling out or feeling slimy.
  • Identify your brand ecosystem & strategiesfor authentic engagement with key influencers.
The Brand Catalyst Boot Camp in a Nutshell

In a group of no more than 12 participants, you will be guided through a custom designed series of step-by-step exercises that reveal deep insights and help clear a path forward, so you can start generating immediate results. I will work together with you individually and in partner teams to help you design a strategy for authentically positioning your business and its communication. Some of the issues we will address include:

  • Defining your one-of-a-kind brand position that will authentically express who you are, inspire your audience and help you attract new clients to your tribe.
  • Brainstorming your communication strategy and service packages to serve your clients while honoring your true purpose.
  • Mapping the tools and tactics you need to reach your ideal customers and clients
  • Identifying your brand ecosystem – pinpointing the key partners, players and relationships that can help take your business to the next level.

Additional worksheets, tools and resources are provided so you can expand on what is uncovered in our sessions – making the most of the momentum we develop in our weekend together.[/text_output]


Why Branding is Essential for your Success

Branding is not just a logo slapped on your business card, the product you make or the service you provide. Your brand is interwoven with every aspect of your business.

Having a strong, professional brand is essential to the success of your business. It’s not just for big business like Apple, Facebook and Starbucks, but for all entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a fashion photographer, yoga instructor or an App developer, your brand identity requires conscious intention in its creation.

From the the voice you use on your website to the stories you tell about your services, the thought put in to the products you provide and the visual style that connects all the different aspects of your marketing – your brand sits at the core of these elements and reflects outward in every touchpoint – like the way DNA expresses itself in each fiber of your body.

Unfortunately many start-ups and small businesses ignore this fundamental element as they ramp up, thinking that branding is something they will eventually get to, once the business is going. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make as you get your business off the ground is to ignore your brand, not realizing that branding begins the day you set off.

The Brand Catalyst Boot Camp is designed to help you engineer this fundamental part of your business – authentically, intentionally and affordably.


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Is The Brand Catalyst Boot Camp right for you?

This high intensity brand strategy development course is built for purpose-driven creative professionals, solopreneurs, startups & small businesses. You’ll fit right in when:

  • You are self-employed or have your own micro-business or blog.
  • You and your partners are building a start-up that is preparing to pitch for funding or launch your first products.
  • You lead a small business in a creative field like architecture, photography, fashion, product design and publishing.

This 2-day brand building boot camp is perfect for you when:

  • You want to achieve brand clarity, fast.
  • You’re looking for a step-by-step system that will help your business be purposeful, profitable and empowered.
  • You’re excited by the prospect of  a receiving two days of concentrated focus on your business led by a seasoned branding professional with expert knowledge, deep insights and a fresh view on your specific situation.





[image type=”none” float=”right” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”569″ alt=”Aysha’s Testimonial”]
[text_output]Amy has a sound insight into the entrepreneurial mind. She also has a fun and sharp way about her. The Boot Camp made me think and approach the entire branding issue in a surprising new way. It particularly resonated with me for its focus on authenticity. Loved that! Amy is lots of fun and has a clear and conscise way about her.



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[image type=”none” float=”right” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”579″ alt=”Mikey’s Testimonial”]
[text_output]It was a great ‘eye opener’! The Brand Catalyst Boot Camp showed me that I have always, in everything I have done – concentrated and focused, very precisely, on the ‘subject in question’ while at the same time, always keeping one eye open to view the ‘whole picture’. I can’t wait to put what I have learnt at the Boot Camp into practice and shall now talk, with a new found vigor, to my potential clients and partners.



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[image type=”none” float=”right” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”571″ alt=”Katinka’s Testimonial”]
[text_output]The Brand Catalyst Bootcamp gave me inspiration and tools for approaching questions I already had about my business. It was a intense process in which I (re)learned that there is no other way than daring to be outstanding and 100% who I am. I appreciated Amy’s lightness and how natural and creative she was in giving us examples for how to put the exercises of the Brand Catalyst Boot Camp into context.



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Build Your Own Brand Blueprint

 You’ll get the most from this potent weekend if your desire to learn is exceeded by your willingness to act. With the results you’ll achieve in the Brand Catalyst Boot Camp you will have an essential branding tool kit, with all the necessary elements you need to move the needle in your business.

Maybe you think, “Oh, I already know this stuff”, or that it really isn’t all that important for what you are trying to achieve. When you work through this guided process together and talk through your ideas with the group, you will find immense clarity where before you only had a vague idea of your brand. Expressing your ideas and having them reflected back gives you the opportunity to test drive theories and push past your previous ideas.

However, you don’t have to take those next steps all on your own. Because of the groundwork we’ve laid during the Boot Camp, I’ll already be up to speed on the terrain you’re navigating. Should you want more support in taking the next steps to build your brand, business or project, I’m only a phone call away.[/text_output]


Upcoming Sessions



Saturday 25 & Sunday 26th of April, 2015

From 12h – 18h each day[/text_output][text_output]

St. Oberholz Coworking Space
Rosenthaler Str. 72A*
Berlin, Mitte – Rosenthaler Platz – U8
*The entrance is actually on Torstr. just next door to the cafe and the coworking space is on the 2nd floor.

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Join Us for Two Productive Days to Focus on Your Brand!

In this Brand Catalyst Boot Camp Series we will delve deep into your personal brand story, unearthing your essential DNA, defining your purpose and creating your unique brand positioning. You will be guided through an insightful and inspiring set of steps that is at the core of my signature brand development process.

Normally this kind of experience is priced at 1500,- for a full day VIP workshop, but in this intimate group setting you can benefit from the same intense inquiry at only a fraction of the usual price.

Already got a logo? A website? No sweat! We’re talking two days of  Brand Strategy, not graphic design and, speaking of talking, all classes will be held in English.[/text_output]


Some more happy Boot Camp Graduates


[image type=”none” float=”right” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”576″ alt=”Simone’s Testimonial”]
[text_output]Amy´s up-beat way to guide her clients and deal with complex branding strategies in a coherent and fun way is highly professional! The Boot Camp helped me to revise my product development according to my customers needs. I now feel so much more confident about my brand positioning.



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[image type=”none” float=”right” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”622″ alt=”Eva Dahle | PHYSIOGNOMICS BERLIN | photography by Catharsistudio”]
[text_output]Amy really makes sure that you have all the necessary tools at hand to understand your own motivation for your business, the needs of your customers and your personal objectives. Her questions and moderation guarantees that you focus on your questions and leads you to find answers to your problems. Having enough distance from everyday issues and being with others who come from another background but have similar issues made it easier to see my problems from different angles.



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Your Investment

[/text_output][gap size=”26px” id=”f=gap 1″][pricing_table columns=”3″ id=”pricing table 1″][pricing_table_column title=”Early Bird Special” featured_sub=”Register by Friday April 03″]

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[container] Act fast and save 60,- off the Classic rate when you register for the Brand Catalyst Boot Camp by Friday, April 3![/container]


[/pricing_table_column][pricing_table_column title=”Boot Camp Classic” featured=”true” featured_sub=”Your ticket to brand clarity”]

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Reserve your place in the Brand Catalyst Boot Camp today. Space is kept extremely limited so I can guarantee that you get individual attention.


[/pricing_table_column][pricing_table_column title=”Platinum Package” featured_sub=”Accelerate your growth”]

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Get the most out of your Boot Camp weekend with four bonus private brand coaching sessions devoted to amplifying your brand.


[/pricing_table_column][/pricing_table][gap size=”53px”][text_output]We are thrilled to make reservations possible through eventbrite. With this feature you can pay by credit card or Paypal. All prices include 19% MwSt. 

You may also pay in two monthly installments, with an additional 10% convenience charge added to the total fee. A minimum deposit of 50% is due before the commencement of the first day of the Boot Camp. To arrange a two part payment, please contact Amy for details.


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